Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Zombie Flesh Eaters

One of the best scenes in the history of cinema IMHOOO

I think this Zombie looks a lot like Dirk. Especially when his hair is longer.


  1. That is pretty awesome! Really strange behaviour for a zombie though! Like a zombie would care what happens to his eyes when she rubs coral in them? Also, around 1:43 he seems to be displaying what can only be described as... zombie fear!?

  2. it's distracting for the zombie. the coral obscures it's sight. zombies are stupid remember and easily distracted.

    1:43 to me seems more like Zombie tact than zombie fear, but who the fuck knows.

  3. OK I can buy your distraction theory, but tact? If you looked at the definition of tact (consideration in dealing with others and avoiding giving offense) you would know that trying to apply it to that situation is utter crazy-talk!