Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Classic, contemporary and curious cinema

I work part time in a DVD rental shop - -it uses the DVD Nouveau name and image - but I think there is a definite independent quality to it and so far, is continuing to give Nouveau brand a good name. The response has been immense and people are going out of their way to support the place. I think a lot of people learned their lesson after the Neelsie Cinemas were closed down. We are also open to all kinds of suggestions for what films to stock. It's an ongoing project, with lots of interesting ideas for the future. The catalog system is quite esoteric at the moment. The display usually mirrors some kind of film mindmap of the person working at the time. Films are also categorised by genres, and writer/directors. Werner mentioned something about setting up mobile drive-ins and we are collaborating with local theaters to have themed screening nights.

We are also looking to expand the documentary section with more independent films. If you know of anyone that has made something or if you made something yourself, we'd be happy to stock it. Contact Hannes @

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