Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Salt and Pepper

Silly little tale I wrote many moons ago:

Two grains of salt meet each other on the way down to a bed of broccoli. All the other grains of salt are in a state of panic; but not these two salts, who are contented with their fate. As a grain of salt, your ultimate destiny is to be tossed onto some food; this is the way of the condiment. Salts however, generally have a hard time accepting this fate. Time passes much slower for salt than humans. One human second is at least 5 minutes for salt.

As these two grains are falling they look around with their little salty eyes at their panic stricken companions. While the rest of the salting community are worried by this mighty fall, these two unique salts are contemplating their strategy for when they meet their arch enemy: PEPPER! Luckily for some salts: there are humans who do not put pepper on their food, unlucky for others: there are humans who DO! When salt and pepper come face to face it is not a pretty sight. The two battle it out to bring out the dominant flavour in food. Pepper usually comes out on top. Salt has gathered a reputation in the spice rack as being the weakest of all. Talisman and Latentspeak, the two calm grains, want to change this. They are tired of having to bow their heads in shame, especially to those Robertson's spices who think they are god's gift to potatoe wedges! As they are about to land they think about taking action. But, they miss the plate; they hit the tablecloth! Later on that evening, a few salty hours later, Talisman and Latentspeak are wiped away along with the rest of their fallen brothers and sisters.

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