Friday, November 19, 2010

Buzz Loop

Here is a short loop I made in Jeskola Buzz.

Loop by dansnirp

Buzz is a lot of fun. But also very complicated. Making anything longer than 1 minute things start to get messy.

Here is an example of the main synth I used for this song:

The next picture is an example of the chain of machines I used. This one is not very complicated. It only uses some reverb effects. As you can see they are all connected to the master. Songs get a lot more complicated than this, especially if you use more effects and more filters. Here I only used one filter for the bass. Bass filtering is relatively easy since I roughly know what frequency I want to get. With all the other mids and highs though I'm still a little in the dark about what to do. So I try to keep it simple.

Next is a picture of the sequencing. This is only a 1 minute loop. Another reason why making longer songs can get tricky, the sequencing gets completely out of control.

Lastly, an example of entering notes. Also a tricky part because the timing is very difficult in this kind of setup. It's all very precise, leaving no room for error.