Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Karate Panther Meats again and other stories

One of the things I brought with me to China is my creative writing book from when I was 8 years old.

Here are two excerpts:

The Karate Panther Meats Again

One day I walking in the street and it was dark and no-one was there but suddenly I heard a “ROARAAGH!!!” , and there stood the karate panther saying “Roaraagh, Roaraagh!”. The panther had a black belt on and a black ribbon around his head but what will happen, find out.

The panther asked “whor are you” and I said “I am Daniel” and he said “Shurrup!,” then I whistled and there came Harry my pet kangaroo.

The karate panther was fighting harry and harry was shooting his machine gun and the panther was kicking and kicking but then harry had his last bullet and “BLOW UP”, the panther is dead.

The End

Dodgedodge by dansnirp

The Day I shrank

One day I was going to a fancy dress thing and I was dressed as a dodger so I can dodge everything but I was thirsty, “I can drink anything,” I said. Then I saw the newsagent and went in to buy a coca-cola but when I drank it I went all fizzy and BLOW-OUT!, I was as tiny as a bug.

All I heard was cars, footsteps and everything was so big it must have grown, no I am mistaking, it's me, I have SHRUNK!. But I still got my dodging soot, then I heard a car coming my way, I don't believe it ARRRRRGH! What is going to happen, all I heard was SPLAT! It did not splat me I splatted it with my dodging suit.

Then I started having fun having a dodging suit so when some Insects come I go Dodge, dodge, dodge. Then when I was walking through the grass a big bottle I climed up and fell into and BLOW-OUT! I was big again and saw it was the same coca-cola bottle.

The End

Shrinkshrink by dansnirp

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